Wesley Carter

Milwaukee, WI - Wesley Carter was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended school for business management and business plan development, intending to expand his father's dry-cleaning business. In studying business he became a fan of the green business model. He believes sustainable community development can give impoverished communities the jobs, food, energy, and environment to raise their quality of life. In 2009, he was given the opportunity to dialogue with community members about this emerging industry. From this he helped begin a weekly community brainstorming session, which became The Making Milwaukee Green Coalition, a coalition of tradesmen, community leaders, businessmen, and concerned Milwaukee residents. In 2010, he began training in the practice of organic gardening and began to research job and business opportunities in urban agriculture. He helped identify and encourage homeowners, businesses, churches, and community organizations to adopt organic sustainable gardening and composting practices. He also works with school children teaching them the benefits of recycling, composting, and locally grown produce. His goal is to create a model for a sustainable community food system that creates jobs in impoverished communities.

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