Clean Power To The People: Twelve Climate Champions Who Are Leading The Way


The clean energy economy is booming. And policies like President Obama’s Clean Power Plan are opening the door to better health, wealth, and opportunity all across America.

These twelve champions are instrumental to the climate change fight. These leaders are making sure communities of color benefit from the clean energy economy--from breathing healthier air to accessing better jobs.













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    Obama has set many goals for his country and he has get success by implementing new plans for his country and people and he has been succeeded in it.
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    Do you think with those 12 champions the earth gonna be fine and all wars around the world will be ended . ( , even if they try to make what ever they can do , nothing will change , because this real life that we live now is becoming shit . even Obama him self try to solve all this problem he will failed !!
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    There’s no insurance that will ever pay us back for the loss and extinction of animals and plants and the pollution and devastation of the Earth. The only thing for it, is to make sure that we all do our part to make a difference to the world. It doesn’t take that much effort to be sustainable and clean and green in our homes!
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    Climate change: indecision creates an increasingly dismal future
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    Well I must say that I can see the change in the future. If we have leaders like them we can turn impossible into possible.
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    Clean Power to the People: Twelve Climate Champions Who are Leading the Way

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