Three Ideas For a Happy Re-New Year

Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen, Green The Block

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Cross-posted from Green The Block

Happy Renew Year!You have to love the holidays. They're a time of celebration, family – and, of course, presents! But they can also be a time of financial stress, and with big increases in waste and travel, they are also a tax on our environment.

That's why Green The Block is focusing on education, reuse and community this holiday season.

We're getting an early start on our 2011 action plans as we explore a few ways to help green the block this holiday season. Check out three ways you can join the fun below, and be sure to check out the resource page for more detail on these ideas.

"Story of Stuff" Movie Night

How are we supposed to deal with our stuff if we don't know where it comes from or what happens to it after we get rid of it? The Story of Stuff (YouTube) is a short, 20 minute movie that demystifies how stuff is created and what happens to stuff when we're through with it. It's a great way to start a conversation about how we can be more deliberate about the things we buy.

Re-Gift Exchange

We know the saying "one man's trash is another’s treasure." There is no better time than after the holiday to prove that it's true. Unload some stuff that might otherwise get thrown away. Arrange a community re-gift exchange. Use your local community center, school, or even your garage to organize a swap with your neighbors.

Upcycle It!

Upcycling, taking something old and creating something totally new and useful out of it, is a great strategy to show your creativity during the holidays. Take old t-shirts and make reusable bags out of them, or turn old bicycle tubes into a durable wallet – and what's an old record, but a coaster waiting to happen? The possibilities are endless. And who knows? Maybe you can create a business out of it!

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