The Desert Sun – Check out who's pushing for change

Written by K Kaufmann

Originally posted on Desert Sun

...Conventional wisdom would place climate change and clean energy as issues outside the mainstream, the realm of tree huggers and the liberal white middle classes, stereotypical labels in and of themselves. But — even allowing for well-orchestrated spin — concerns and support for action on climate change have spread to a much more broad-based and diverse constituency. 

Take for example, my first press call, on Tuesday morning, organized by Green for All, an Oakland-based nonprofit group focusing on bringing green jobs to low-income, minority communities. In advance of the State of the Union, executive director Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins laid out why low-income African-Americans are concerned about the role of climate change in the rising number of extreme weather events hitting low-income neighborhoods.

“As oceans getting warmer, it causes storms to become more intense and more frequent,” Ellis-Lamkins said. “Communities of color are the first and worst hit; neighborhoods with the fewest resources are the most difficult to recover. Last year was the hottest on record; in places like Los Angeles, African Americans are twice as likely to die of heat. Our communities are overburdened with pollution and climate change.”  

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