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MintPress News - Chicago Transportation Plans Aim To Put Disadvantaged Back To Work

Written by Trisha Marczak, MintPress staff writer

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When the Chicago Transit Authority opened up its bid for $2 billion for the manufacturing of more than 850 rapid transit cars for its subway and urban train system, it also requested bidders detail how they would create quality jobs for Chicago’s growing unemployed. 

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Huffington Post - Thinking Outside Our Economic Box: How Transit Investments Can Get U.S. Manufacturing Moving Again

Written by Kimberly Freeman Brown, Washington Office Chief of Green For All

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As our nation pauses to observe Labor Day this week, you have to wonder what the future holds for American workers. Rising income inequality, a dwindling middle class, the growth of low-wage jobs without benefits, and unemployment rates that remain uncomfortably high should make us wonder whether we've allowed the American Dream to become a mythic fairy tale. 

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Chicago Sun-Times - How the CTA can create city jobs

Written by Naomi Davis, President and Founder of BIG: Blacks in Green and a fellow at Green For All

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Chicago has a huge opportunity, right now, to tackle the problem of unemployment, especially among African Americans. 

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MadameNoire - Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Confirmed as New Transportation Secretary

Written by Ann Brown, Madame Noire

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...The government is also in the midst of replacing the nation’s air traffic control system, shifting to a system based on satellite technology instead of the current radar technology.  These are just some of the problems waiting for Foxx.  But most are optimistic about his confirmation, including anti-poverty/environmental  organization Green For All, which was founded by another for Obama appointment (albeit a controversial one), Van Jones who was Special Advisor for Green Jobs. 

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Anthony Foxx Confirmed as Secretary of Transportation


Contact: Alyssa Cocchi

WASHINGTON – Today, Anthony Foxx was confirmed as the new Secretary of the Department of Transportation. As mayor of one of the largest cities in the South—Charlotte, North Carolina—Foxx has worked to promote eco-friendly hybrid buses and community transit projects, including light rail and streetcar networks.

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Clean Technica - 110,000 Clean Energy, Clean Transport Jobs Announced In The US In 2012

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Some 110,000 new jobs could result from the more than 300 clean energy and clean transportation projects announced in the US in 2012, according to a new report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), “a national community of individual business leaders who advocate for good environmental policy while building economic prosperity.” 

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Students Win Affordable Public Transportation

Last fall, students at DeAnza college won a huge victory for clean air and for their own wallets: The Eco-Pass, which provides students with almost free public transportation.  Student leaders took time with Green For All to share the secrets of their success and we’re sharing them with you in our latest tool, “How to Bring the Eco-Pass to Your Campus." 

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What the (bleep) is the Green Economy?

Bike Commuter to Ride Hundreds of Miles for Green For All

Written by Mimi Torres

I've always considered myself an environmentalist. As a young girl, I was the one that encouraged the family to recycle, and I always signed us up for beach clean-ups. I became vegetarian when I was 10 and vegan when I was 20. In college I became more directly involved with activism through on and off campus environmental groups. It was also in college that I made the conscious decision not to drive. After getting my license, I went and looked at a few used cars, but then I realized that if I had a car, I would drive it all the time, especially to see friends that lived out of town, and then I would feel like a hypocrite. 

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Don't Derail Transportation Jobs

Authors: Brian Purchia

Today in a blog on the Huffington Post, Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, calls on Congress to pass a transportation bill that will put Americans back to work now.


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