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Green For All and Other Leading Environmental Groups to Honor Congressional Black Caucus for Dedication to Building America’s Clean-Energy Economy

Event hosted by “Meet the Browns” star Lamman Rucker

WASHINGTON DC — On Wednesday September 15th, several leading national environmental organizations will honor the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) for its dedication to building America's clean-energy economy. Meet the Browns’s Lamman Rucker will emcee the luncheon event, titled "New Energy in the Congressional Black Caucus." "The Congressional Black Caucus was instrumental in a number of advances in the effort to bring good, green jobs to America this year," says Pheadra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All, one of the groups hosting the event. "As we look forward to keeping the EPA strong, passing a Renewable Energy Standard, and including green jobs in the Transportation Bill, we know the Caucus will rise to the occasion again in 2011." The luncheon will highlight the Congressional Black Caucus's role in crafting the Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project. This provision of the House climate bill would have required certain construction projects to hire local workers, allowed for the creation of community workforce agreements, and created training opportunities to help everyday people achieve the American Dream. "We must go green. And we must be inclusive and create jobs for those most in need," says Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA). "New Energy in the Congressional Black Caucus" will honor six individual U.S. Representatives for their extraordinary leadership on these issues: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO), Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC), Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL). Event sponsors include: Green For All, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, League of Conservation Voters, and American Rivers. The event is open to the public and media. WHEN: Wednesday September 15th, Noon to 2pm WHERE: Capitol Building HC-5 (House entrance) RSVP:


Tens of Thousands Pledge Support and Plan to Participate in Washington Rally on October 2

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A message from Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All (click play button)

One Nation March logo(WASHINGTON, DC) – Heeding a call to Put America Back to Work and Pull America Back Together, tens of thousands of people across America have united as One Nation Working Together for jobs, justice and education. One Nation Working Together is a fast-growing movement of people of diverse backgrounds, hues and faiths demanding an American economy that works for all of us. "We are facing unprecedented economic and social challenges in this country," says George Gresham, president of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East (Service Employees International Union), a One Nation Working Together partner. "Unemployment and recession, struggling public school systems, and recent attempts to take away basic civil and human rights compel us to come together and act," he adds, "by demanding one million new jobs now." "It is time we put aside our differences and focus on moving forward together, refocusing our country’s priorities on what is truly important – renewed and stepped up investments in our people." According to Benjamin Todd Jealous, President and CEO of the NAACP, also a One Nation Working Together partner, this movement represents the mosaic of ideas, ideals and backgrounds that is America. Jealous explains: "We are coming together - people of all faiths, nationalities, and races to demand that everyone have the opportunity to work at a good job, that every child be able to go to a great school, and that justice for all be a reality not just a promise.  Our movement strives to make real the promise of America for everyone.   On October 2nd, our voice for progress and hope will be raised in a clarion call.  Our vision of unity and progress represents the true majority of Americans. It will ultimately prevail over those seeking to divide us and turn the clock back." "While we look to our leadership in Congress, state houses and in town halls," adds Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, "we also are adding our names to the list of people responsible – and accountable – for national priorities that choose jobs over military actions abroad, and building schools instead of bailing out failing financial institutions." On Saturday, October 2, tens of thousands of One Nation Working Together supporters will lift the true majority voice during a One Nation Working Together march at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. We know that when we speak as a united voice and work together for our common purposes we will be successful in demanding a Plan for a New Economy That Works for All of Us. This plan includes one million new jobs immediately including green jobs, extended unemployment support, paid sick days and family leave for all workers, fixing the broken immigration system, extending civil and human rights protections to all, ending racial profiling, curbing re-segregation attempts, completing the promise of health care reform with the public option, and ensuring that all people have access to affordable, high quality public education from pre-school through college. From Saturday, August 28 and continuing through September, local ONWT coalitions from Boston to the Bay Area will kick off One Nation Working Together mobilization efforts with rallies and marches, job fairs, affordable housing summits, organizing meetings, education forums, community and town hall meetings, parades, festivals, prayer breakfasts, voter registration drives, tailgate parties, news conferences, social media blitzes and more. The purpose: to mobilize people ready to change America’s future, and to garner a record-breaking crowd for the One Nation Working Together national march for jobs, justice and education on October 2 in Washington. Such local launches reinforce the depth and breadth of the One Nation Working Together appeal. Americans are joining, from rural towns to urban centers, united by what we have in common: a belief that every person deserves to live the American Dream; a secure job that will support a family, a safe home and excellent quality public education. Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, an ONWT organizational partner: "The One Nation March is a critical moment in American history. Now is the time that the progressive power in this country prove that we are the movement of faith. We are the movement fighting to protect the most vulnerable Americans from those who want to exploit us and lock us out of the American dream." "With the 10-2-10 march, we are serving notice to Congress," says Jealous. "We will march on October 2 and we will march again on November 2 into the voting booths." "We need and expect decisive leadership to overcome this country’s urgent challenges. We in One Nation Working Together are ready to do our part." To read the One Nation Working Together Call to Action, to sign a One Nation Working Together pledge or to register for the 10-2-10 march What ONWT Supporters are Saying: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, an ONWT organizational partner: "With tens of millions of people stuck in a jobless quagmire and a slow economy, the time for action is now," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. "This great country can do better. As one nation, working together, we can build an economy that truly works for all. And we will." SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, an ONWT organizational partner: "One Nation is about putting America back to work and pulling America back together," said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. "It's time to unite our collective strength to lead our country back to economic prosperity and send a clear message that we will not be divided. We will not back down until all workers have the freedom to unite to form unions and rebuild the middle class. And we will not back down until we build a fair, humane and just immigration system that protects hard working immigrants from exploitation and meets the economic needs of our future."


Initiative engages the action-sports community in efforts to curb climate change

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CHICAGO – Green For All – in partnership with the Dew Tour – today announced the launch of Protect the 360°, a campaign to engage and activate the action-sports community in efforts to curb climate change. The initiative is a direct response to fans' concerns over global warming and its impact on outdoor sports. "Climate change is real," said Dave Mirra, BMX legend. "It affects everything from snow quality to quality of life. But doing little things – like turning off your lights or riding your bike instead of driving – can add up to make a difference. I am doing my part and I hope fans will join me in doing theirs to protect the 360°." The Protect the 360° campaign includes an interactive website ( that provides simple, useful information about how people can make their lives greener. "Green For All works to educate new audiences about the benefits of going green," said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All. "2010 is the hottest year on record and we all have a part to play in curbing climate change." One of the website's features is a tool to determine how green one's lifestyle is right now. By completing the "Tread Lightly" survey, fans immediately enter to win gear signed by the Nike 6.0 BMX team. Verizon Wireless subscribers can also text PROTECT360 to 2999 to enter. Non-Verizon customers can enter to win by e-mailing their information to A grand-prize winner will be drawn at random, and will receive a trip for two to the Dew Tour finals in Las Vegas. The winner will also participate in a Protect the 360° service event with top Dew Tour athletes and appear in a campaign video. Ellis-Lamkins says, "The response by Dew Tour athletes and fans to Protect the 360° has been incredible. People are excited to learn simple ways to green their lives. We hope the campaign serves as a platform to channel this community's concern about climate change into action and continued conversations." About Protect the 360° Protect the 360° is a campaign to engage and activate the action-sports community in efforts to curb climate change. An initiative from Green For All and the Dew Tour, Protect the 360° features educational tools, service events, and online challenges. To learn more, visit About The Dew Tour The Dew Tour consists of five major, multi-sport events spanning across the country, with a cumulative points system, a $2.5 million competitive purse, and a bonus pool at year-end based on overall tour standings. The Tour features skateboarding (park and vert), BMX (park, vert and dirt) and freestyle motocross. At season’s end, the overall points leaders in the five disciplines will be crowned year-end champions and awarded the prestigious Dew Cup. As part of an Alli property, key lifestyle elements complement the competitions at each Tour event, including the Festival Village, specialty competitions, and live, cutting-edge music. The Dew Tour is broadcast live on NBC Sports with additional competition and lifestyle broadcasts on MTV, MTV2, and USA. The Dew Tour is also distributed on Fuel TV, Universal HD, and internationally on Eurosport 2, Fox Australia, Extreme Channel, and Allarco Superchannel. The Dew Tour partners include Mountain Dew (tour title sponsor) and Nike 6.0, Wendy's, and Toyota (event title sponsors). Associate partners include Ball Park, JCPenney, MATADOR Beef Jerky, Paul Mitchell, PlayStation®, PowerBar, Sony and Verizon. More information can be found at

Joint Center Announces Green For All CEO Appointment to Climate Change Commission

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WASHINGTON – The CEO of Green For All, a national organization focused on building an inclusive green economy, and a prominent Washington lawyer have joined the Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies announced today. The newest members of the Commission, which was established in 2008 by the Joint Center to help enhance African Americans’ awareness and understanding of climate change and to advance their perspectives in critical policy discussions, are Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Chief Executive Officer of Green For All, and Broderick D. Johnson, Esq., a partner in the Washington office of the international law firm Bryan Cave LLP. Under Ms. Ellis-Lamkins’ leadership, Green For All has become one of the country's leading advocates for a clean-energy economy, and one of its most important voices on the intersection of economics and environment. Mr. Johnson, the head of Bryan Cave’s Public Policy and Governmental Affairs Group and a member of the firm's Executive Committee, previously served in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs during the Clinton Administration. Johnson was also instrumental in working with the Joint Center to create the Commission at the outset. They join 14 other members of the Commission, which is comprised of leading experts representing government, health, industry, civil rights, academia, labor, consumer protection and environmental protection. "Over the past two years, this Commission has contributed to a greater understanding in the African American community of the far-reaching consequences that climate change will have on people of color, and particular in bringing their voices into the discussion during this critical time," said Ralph B. Everett, Joint Center President and CEO and co-chair of the Commission. “Our mission will be further advanced with the addition of these two distinguished public policy practitioners. "We are delighted to have Mr. Johnson and Ms. Ellis-Lamkins join the Commission and help us further our efforts to build a broad coalition of strategic partners to ensure that communities of color are fully engaged in the climate change debate," said Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis, the Commission’s other co-chair. In addition to building awareness and empowering key stakeholders and influencers with information on climate change and its projected impact on communities of color, the Commission’s focus includes efforts to support clean energy initiatives and particularly the “green” jobs and economic opportunities they can bring to those communities. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is one of the nation’s leading research and public policy institutions and the only one whose work focuses primarily on issues of particular concern to African Americans and other people of color. For more information about the Joint Center, please visit our Web site at


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Washington, D.C. - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday denied 10 petitions challenging its 2009 determination that climate change is real, is occurring due to emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities, and threatens human health and the environment. After months of serious consideration of the petitions and of the state of climate change science, the EPA has found no evidence to support these challenges. On the contrary, the EPA's review shows that climate science is credible, compelling, and growing stronger. The EPA's decision to uphold its 2009 endangerment finding shows that the agency is committed to protecting America's most vulnerable communities from continued, increasing environmental degradation. The EPA recognizes that ignoring the real impact of climate change and pollution in our communities would only lead to ever worse health consequences for Americans, from childhood asthma to early death. "Air pollution is a serious problem, whether it's the refinery pollution in my hometown that gave me asthma as a young girl, or the greenhouse gases that are changing our climate and threatening everything from coastal towns to the vitality of farms," said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All. "I am glad to see the EPA understands that, and is determined to protect Americans from air pollution." Green For All stands with Administrator Jackson’s call for a "better solution…more green jobs, more clean-energy innovation, and an end to the oil addiction that pollutes our planet and jeopardizes our national security."


For more information, contact Ricki Weisberg Ndege 202-412-3775 | Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, July 14th, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson will speak with leaders from low-income communities and communities of color at theGreen For All Academy convening. The three-day convening, which began on Monday, will focus on how to build an inclusive green economy and green movement. Green For All will cover topics ranging from the oil spill and the climate bill to the use of hip hop and art in fueling green activism in communities. Over the last three years, Green For All Academy graduates have organized approximately 1,000 events across the country to educate and mobilize low-income communities of color around climate solutions and green jobs. “We find ourselves in a historical moment,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All. “For those of us who care about justice, for those of us who want a better country, this is our moment, this is our movement.” In the opening session of the convening on Monday, Nicole Godfrey with the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice spoke with tears in her eyes about the impact of the oil spill on her hometown, New Orleans. “We are losing our animals, our shores and our livelihoods," said Godfrey. "Now is the time we need to work to make a difference.” Markese Bryant, a Green For All College Ambassador, helped to organize the convening.  “We need more cats from the hood to step up into leadership positions or we will be locked out of this new economy as we were locked out of the old economy, " Bryant said. "We have the opportunity right now to be a part of something bigger than we ever thought.” In addition to EPA Administrator Jackson, other speakers include: political commentator Jeff Johnson of BET; Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy; and Michael Blake from the White House Office of Public Engagement. Ellis-Lamkins noted, “Every person deserves the right to go to work, and not have to choose between his safety and putting food on the table. In the community where I grew up, this was not a choice we could make freely. That is why this convening of community leaders at this time in history is so important.”


Apr 22, 2010
NEW YORK ─ Today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and The Hurt Locker’s Anthony Mackie joined local Harlem residents in Green For All’s Earth Day “Dig In.” The community service event, held at Riverside Valley Community Garden, celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. “Forty years ago, we introduced the concept of environmentalism to towns across America,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All. “Today, we are redefining this movement. The newest incarnation of environmentalism is not just looking at how we can protect and preserve the Earth. It is looking at how the Earth, and caring for the planet, can protect and preserve us.” Dozens of participants helped to plant vegetables on the site once considered too dangerous and too dirty to enter. Today, the garden is a thriving public green space, the community cleaner, and the streets safer. In addition to transforming the neighborhood, volunteers have been introduced to the opportunities of a clean-energy economy. Today’s event raised further awareness about the benefits of going green, including access to green jobs, training programs and other pathways out of poverty. "Today's groundbreaking is keeping alive the grassroots spirit of the first Earth Day 40 years ago. This community is coming together to work toward a healthier, safer environment, a better place to live, and new opportunities," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "I'm grateful to Green For All for having me today and I'm inspired by the work they've done to uplift and empower this community."


Iowa Governor Chet Culver's family and the Black Eyed PeasDes Moines, Iowa – Iowa Governor Chet Culver and State Representative Wayne Ford today presented the Grammy -winning band The Black Eyed Peas and the national non-profit organization Green For All awards for their joint efforts to raise awareness about the environmental and economic crisis confronting the nation. “The State of Iowa is a national leader in green initiatives and we honor The Black Eyed Peas and Green For All for their ongoing commitment to raising awareness of the importance of a transition to renewable energy sources and green job creation,” Governor Culver said. The Black Eyed Peas and Green For All have teamed up during the North America run of the Peas’ World E.N.D. [Energy Never Dies] Tour to help raise awareness about how environmental challenges and lack of economic opportunity combine to adversely impact many American communities. At each tour stop, plastic bottles from the band’s concert venues are being recycled into t-shirts and other band merchandise. Green For All volunteers are conducting educational outreach at those venues, encouraging people to support climate change and green-jobs legislation. Representative Ford, who is the longest serving black member in the history of the Iowa legislature, praised the band for their work on recycling. “I am very proud that the world-renowned Black Eyed Peas are coming to the city of Des Moines to perform. I especially want to let them know how excited we Iowans are not only about their musical talent, but also about their great community and environmental work worldwide,” Ford said. Representative Ford is the founder and executive director of Urban Dreams, an organization that has been serving the residents of inner city Des Moines with a series of health and welfare programs for almost 25 years. He added: “I am also very proud that Green For All is part of this tour and of the organization’s untiring dedication to a clean-energy economy that will move America past some of its most pressing challenges.” Green For All is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through a clean energy economy. Working across many platforms, the group is working to fight poverty and pollution at the same time. “We are honored to have Gov. Culver, Representative Ford, the people of Iowa, and The Black Eyed Peas as allies in this movement to create the kind of economy that lifts people out of poverty while reducing the risks to the planet,” said Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins. “Together, we are changing the face of environmentalism and the world we live in.”


Measure Would Save Consumers Money, Create Jobs, and Reduce Carbon Pollution

President Obama visits a steel factory in Savannah, GA. Photo from

OAKLAND, CA – President Barack Obama today renewed his support for a nationwide program to make American homes more energy efficient. Speaking at Savannah Technical College, the President said that the HOME STAR program "will make our economy less dependent on fossil fuels, helping to protect the planet for future generations."  We strongly support HOME STAR and will work with the president and Congress to ensure its passage. “The President today took an important step toward energy independence with his renewed push to pass HOME STAR as part of a new jobs bill.  We think this is the right thing to do in order to begin building a new clean energy economy that reduces poverty and pollution at the same time,” said Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins As the President noted, HOME STAR would not only help the planet, it would help the economy as well: "I want to emphasize that HOME STAR will also create business and spur hiring up and down the economy," the President said. The program would provide rebates to consumers who invest in new energy efficient appliances, weatherize their homes, or purchase other efficient technologies for their home. And with national unemployment levels at almost 10 percent, HOME STAR is an urgent need. It is designed as a fast-acting, short-term, job creation program that will drive new private investment into the hard hit construction and manufacturing sectors, while saving consumers money on their energy bills. As currently proposed in the Senate’s Jobs Agenda for America, it would invest $6 billion in the form of incentives, matched by private investment to generate three million home retrofits, and 168,000 jobs.  The President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board has unanimously recommended HOME STAR as a strategy for near term job creation. Among the other benefits are:
  • Job creation from HOME STAR will be concentrated on the struggling construction and manufacturing sectors of the US economy.
  • HOME STAR will help over three million American families to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency and save them as much as $9.5 billion over 10 years.
  • HOME STAR will remove the equivalent of 615,000 cars from the road, or four 300MW power plants from operation.
  • The HOME STAR program dedicates $200 million to provide access to low interest financing, making projects' cash flow positive from day one.
  • The majority of manufactured goods used in HOME STAR retrofits are made in the USA, averaging well over 90% domestic production, supporting a building materials manufacturing sector that is operating at less than 60% of available capacity with 24.5% unemployment
At Green For All we believe that passage of HOME STAR will create quality career-pathway jobs, reduce pollution, and save consumers money; it’s an essential step.


[OAKLAND, CA] – Green For All announced today the expansion of its Washington, D.C., office with the addition of Jessy Tolkan and Terence Samuel.  Tolkan, formerly of Energy Action Coalition, joins as Political Director.  Samuel, previously with, joins as Communications Director. “As we work to build access and opportunity in and political will for a clean-energy economy, we are delighted to welcome Jessy and Terry to our team,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All.  “Their unparalleled leadership and depth of experience will help strengthen Green For All’s efforts to develop and scale more equitable solutions to poverty and climate change.” Tolkan will lead the national nonprofit’s efforts to deepen and advance its legislative agenda, including passing comprehensive federal climate and energy legislation, and a jobs bill that includes provisions to expand opportunities for the country’s most vulnerable communities.  She will also be instrumental in growing and activating Green For All’s extensive network of supporters and strategic partnerships. “We are standing in the midst of a historic opportunity to build a strong and inclusive green economy,” said Tolkan.  “I am honored to join this exceptional team that has been leading this charge.” Tolkan comes to Green For All after serving as executive director of Energy Action Coalition, a network of more than fifty youth organizations united in their fight for a clean-energy future. Among her achievements, last year Tolkan organized the largest single lobby day on Capitol Hill focused on global warming.  In 2004, she helped to register more than 130,000 young voters and produce one of the highest youth-turnout rates in the country. She also played a lead role in organizing POWER SHIFT 2009, the largest youth gathering on global warming.  Tolkan has been featured in various publications such as The New York Times, TIME, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone. As Communications Director, Samuel will develop and direct the organization’s communications strategies to promote best practices and advance its policy initiatives to key stakeholders including media, Members of Congress, industry leaders, local electeds, and grassroots organizations. He will also oversee Green For All’s award-winning online efforts. “No issue is more crucial to the short-term recovery of America than widespread and sustained job creation, and none more central to its long-term viability than the development and expansion of an energy economy that stops doing harm to the planet,” Samuel said. “Together, these two ideas pose some of the most important political and economic questions of our time. I can’t think of a better place to engage in that debate right now than at Green For All.” Previously, Samuel served as deputy editor of, the Washington Post Company’s  web site aimed at a predominantly African-Americans audience.  He was an integral part of the leadership team that developed and launched the publication, and oversaw its daily operations and long-term editorial strategy. Samuel is a veteran reporter with over twenty-years of experience. For the past six years, he has written a weekly column for The American Prospect, one of which appears in the Best American Political Writing of 2009 (Public Affairs).  Prior to, Samuel was director of editorial programming at AOL Black Voices where he managed an editorial team of thirty writers and editors responsible for creating and promoting content for African-American users. He was the chief congressional correspondent for U.S. News & World Report for five years before that and served as a national correspondent for The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Philadelphia Inquirer.