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Jameelah Muhammad

Jameelah Muhammad is a native of Metro-Detroit Michigan, where she graduated from Southfield Public Schools and continued her education at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Health, with a specialization in Resource Management. While at Oakland University she was a 2008 Young People For Fellow, a 2008 Leadership Academy participant and in 2010 she was a YP4 Alumni Board Member and Mentor. Young People For is a national organization that supports, trains, and develops progressive youth leaders on a variety of social justice issues. While at Oakland she was the co-founder of the Environmental Coalition and successfully launched a comprehensive campus wide recycling program. She launched several successful Get Out the Vote Campaigns/Voter Registration and Mobilization Drives and organized a campaign to address access and affordability to higher education, which resulted in students at her university receiving a partial tuition refund. In 2008 she was honored as Trainer of the Year for the United States Student Association for her Electoral Action Trainings, including training for the PowerVote Campaign that was presented to the Sierra Student Coalition. 

Some of her work experiences include being the Academic Manager at Green City Force, a Green Jobs Training and College Preparatory Program for young adults pursuing green careers, working as the Community Program Coordinator at the Center for Sustainable Energy at Bronx Community College(CUNY) and being an organizer at New York Jobs with Justice and Urban Agenda working on the Green Collar Jobs and Good Food, Good Jobs Campaigns. She is a certified ROOTS of Success Environmental Literacy Instructor and advises several community education projects. Jameelah is currently working on her Masters (M.A.) in Labor Relations at the City University of New York. Her work is a reflection of her diverse experiences related to racial, religious, and gender discrimination, being exposed to different socioeconomic environments, and overcoming personal adversity in order to achieve a deep appreciation for life and sense of immense responsibility to humanity and mother nature.

In April of 2010, Jameelah joined over 30,000 people in Cochabamba, Bolivia for the People's World Conference on Climate Change. She was a part of a NY delegation, by invitation of the Bolivian Ambassador to the U.N., and took part in the creation and a negotiation of the People‚Äôs Agreement. in 2011 Jameelah continued her international climate change advocacy work which included trips to South Africa and Cuba to learn more about global environmental concerns and solutions. She hopes to continue teaching environmental literacy, environmental justice, and green career preparation for young adults. She was a 2010 Green for All Fellow and has conducted service using media, education, and coalition building to create a strong green economy in New York City. She is committed to empowering people in her community and passionate about helping people to see the interconnectedness of the environment, economy, and social justice. 

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Dave Room

Oakland, CA – Dave’s most important identifier is Melia’s Papa. In his first job after graduating with Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering from Stanford University, Dave found himself working for a management consulting firm helping polluters minimize the cost of complying with regulations. Disillusioned, he trained himself to be an early Java developer and over the ensuing years, worked on a number of start-up Internet firms. After the birth of his daughter Melia, Dave wanted to do whatever he could to pass on a healthy planet to Melia and future generations. After a conference, he contacted one of the speakers and ended up becoming a founding board member of Post Carbon Institute and playing a key role in donor cultivation, outreach, and engagement with local groups. While there, he initiated a project to build community resilience in the Bay Area, which was spun off into Bay Localize, a public benefit organization that inspires and supports Bay Area residents in building resilient communities. As Clean Energy Director of Bay Localize, Dave coordinates the Local Clean Energy Alliance. In August 2010, Dave was recognized by the California Senate for his work in defeating Prop 16 which included producing a series of short films and a social media campaign. Dave is CEO and cofounder of BALANCE Edutainment which creates nutritious and delicious pop culture; their flagship is a Children's Pop Musical called Pacha's Pajamas. On stage as Melia’s Papa, Dave uses storytelling to awaken and activate mainstream audiences, people of color, and youth. His personal mission is to raise the voices of children and to co-create with them a transformative narrative that provides a viable, inspiring pathway to an ecologically just world. 

Dana Solet

Baton Rouge, LA - Dana Solet is a United Houma Nation citizen from Dulac, Louisiana. She spends the majority of her time during the summer working with tribal youth at leadership trainings and camps. She enjoys spending time with the youth because she understands and recognizes they are the future leaders of the United Houma Nation. With the guidance of trainers People’s Production House and Ms. Foundation for Women, Dana was trained to work with digital recorders and editing software. She started the United Houma Nation Youth Media Team during the summer of 2008, where she coordinates exchanges with tribal youth and tribal elders to gather stories for a digital historical archive database. Dana is currently a Campaign Manager for Bayou Healers, a non-profit organization advocating social justice, human rights and cultural preservation for indigenous communities of Southeast Louisiana. She recognizes the environmental issues that are affecting her people of the United Houma Nation and would like to bring more awareness to others about these issues to create a coalition of advocates for her tribal communities. Dana is also a senior at Louisiana State University where her studies are concentrated in sociology, communication studies and business administration.

Danielle DeRuiter-Williams

Los Angeles, CA - Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, MURP, MA, is now working for the Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign in Oakland, CA. She provides support for many of the program's activities and objectives, including coordinating informational webinars, writing monthly e-blasts, and coordinating educational campaigns. She is the Campaign's specialist in areas of healthy food access/food justice, the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SB 375), and data collection/GIS mapping. Danielle graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a master's degree in Afro-American Studies. Previously, she worked as the Food Justice Program Director for the Social Justice Learning Institute in Inglewood, California. 

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Cobi Jackson

Portland, OR - Cobi serves as a National Engagement Officer for One Economy Corporation, a global non-profit whose mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of income and location, can maximize the power of technology to improve the quality of his or her life and enter the economic mainstream. As an Engagement Officer, her role is about leveraging existing partnerships and creating new opportunities with the intent of programmatic and financial sustainability within low-income communities. She is responsible for the management of all internal and external programs that are supported by One Economy in the Western region. Specific areas of focus include tribal opportunities, digital literacy for youth, technology-based Green Living initiatives for underserved communities, and high level fundraising. Cobi has an extensive background in corporate and agency marketing that includes web and print design, program design and content writing, as well as event planning and promotions. She has a BS in both English and Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Oregon, and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Clarke Gocker

Buffalo, NY - Clarke Gocker is a native of Rochester, NY. He has spent most of his adult life acquiring the tools of a critical sociological perspective at universities in Western New York and Canada. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in sociology from the University at Buffalo while also working full-time as a project manager and workforce organizer at PUSH Buffalo, a grassroots anti-poverty, jobs and housing justice organization.

Charles McLean

Detroit, MI - Charles McLean has over 15 years experience in the architectural and engineering industries and about 5 years as an educator at the high school and community college levels. During the past 10 years as an architect, he was able to study and become a part of the green movement. As the economy turned and greening efforts became more prevalent, he was fortunate enough to be a part of the Detroit City Council Green Task Force. From there, he embarked on a quest to make sustainable living a reality for his community. Recently, blighted vacant lots and economic distress have compelled him to venture into urban agriculture. His is currently engaging the community to clean and clear blighted vacant lots for beautiful community gardens and farms. These efforts not only reduce our carbon footprint, but serves as a community educational tool. Charles McLean prides himself on setting goals, accomplishing them, using innovative hands-on education techniques to promote a sustainable life for his family and community.

Carmen Llanes

Austin, TX - Carmen Dolores Llanes is a community organizer and native of Austin, TX. She has worked with a variety of organizations and coalitions citywide and across the country, including People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources (PODER), Marathon Kids, Sustainable Food Center, Southwest Key Programs, Texans United For Families (TUFF), Urban Roots, Austin Fair Trade Coalition, the Southwest Network for Environmental & Economic Justice (SNEEJ), and Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change. Carmen has participated in collaborative struggles and victories in Environmental Justice, Affordable Housing, Immigrant Rights, Neighborhood Development, Food Access, Public Education, Police-Community Relations, Voter Empowerment, and Youth Leadership Development. She graduated A.B. Environmental Studies in 2007 from the University of Chicago, focusing on agricultural and industrial trade policies in the U.S. and Mexico and their immense influence on migration, food production, and the environment. Carmen currently serves on Board of Trustees for Third Coast Workers for Cooperation, an Austin-based organization committed to the development and support of green worker cooperatives. She believes that intergenerational organizing and strong community are some of the most powerful tools for creating real social change. 

Kalin Williams

New Carrolton, MD - Kalin Williams is a young lady who remains dedicated to the transformation of underserved low-income communities. She grew up in the inner cities of Washington, D.C. in a neighborhood that is directly affected by the economic, social and environmental injustice of our society. As the oldest of five, she has no other option but to work towards creating a better future for her family. 

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Catherynne Whitmore

Atlanta, GA - Catherynne Lenora-Blanche Whitmore is currently a junior at Clark Atlanta University. She is the president and founder of Wild Flowers, Inc., a women’s empowerment organization chartered on her campus. Catherynne is very active in her community and serves food in the soup kitchen, Jose Feed the Homeless. Catherynne served as a key coordinator in mobilizing 115 students of the Atlanta University center to Washington D.C. This summer Catherynne will be attending the French school at Middlebury College.