National Climate Assessment Finds What We Know to Be True – Climate Change is Real

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the White House will release the third National Climate Assessment (NCA), a federal analysis that documents the damage climate change is causing to communities and businesses across the country as well as ways to mitigate or adapt to it. The assessment is expected to guide President Obama's environmental agenda.

Statement of Green For All Executive Director Nikki Silvestri

The National Climate Assessment finds what we know to be true. Climate change is real and affects neighborhoods all across the United States – especially those hit first and worst, communities of color and low-income Americans.

We are already paying more for heat and air conditioning to stay comfortable during record high or low temperatures. Severe droughts and floods in America’s agricultural areas strain food production. People are losing loved ones and homes due to extreme weather.

We can’t disregard the environment any longer.

We need to expand jobs in clean energy and make sure disadvantaged communities have a shot at them. We need to encourage people to come together to plant gardens and promote sustainable lifestyles. We also need to prepare ourselves to leap forward into a healthier future after a hurricane, blizzard, or flood — not just bounce back to where we were before.

The good news is that our leaders are already acting on climate change. We are excited by the potential impacts of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan and support the Administration’s efforts to cut emissions from future and existing power plants. We are eager to see the National Climate Assessment move this work forward, so we can build cleaner, stronger communities.

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