Dana Solet

Baton Rouge, LA - Dana Solet is a United Houma Nation citizen from Dulac, Louisiana. She spends the majority of her time during the summer working with tribal youth at leadership trainings and camps. She enjoys spending time with the youth because she understands and recognizes they are the future leaders of the United Houma Nation. With the guidance of trainers People’s Production House and Ms. Foundation for Women, Dana was trained to work with digital recorders and editing software. She started the United Houma Nation Youth Media Team during the summer of 2008, where she coordinates exchanges with tribal youth and tribal elders to gather stories for a digital historical archive database. Dana is currently a Campaign Manager for Bayou Healers, a non-profit organization advocating social justice, human rights and cultural preservation for indigenous communities of Southeast Louisiana. She recognizes the environmental issues that are affecting her people of the United Houma Nation and would like to bring more awareness to others about these issues to create a coalition of advocates for her tribal communities. Dana is also a senior at Louisiana State University where her studies are concentrated in sociology, communication studies and business administration.

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